Privacy Policy

We always take internet privacy seriously. We are committed to protect the privacy of our visitors. We think that you should know what kind of details is being gathered regarding you, how such details is being used, how you can get in touch with us in case you have extra concern or questions. Information collected online can be characterized as either personally or anonymous identifiable.

We cannot track out the details of anonymous person. For instance, we know what information is being searched by various people but we don’t have their details like contact numbers, addresses, e-mail, names etc. is called anonymous identifiable. However, personally identifiable details are such details which let us recognize you. Such details will contain your email address, phone number, address, name etc.

Terms of use

All the contents of this website like images, graphics, articles, etc. are for the intention of giving general information. Here, we only make people aware about their health and if they want to start their fitness regimen they should get in touch with professionals. Whatever you want to know about your diet or workout routine, you should ask your health expert.